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Reach people where they are.
Help them with what they need.
Convert them into customers.


Schedule on the fly

Schedule video chats and appointments on the fly.

Track everything

Track all of the actions and interactions taken by users to increase ROI. AI helps identify bottlenecks, leaks, and better funnel strategies.

Grow organically

New articles are automatically pushed to subscribers. AI helps time and phrase the messaging to maximize CTR.

Automate responses

Provide live help without spending more time online. Questions are run through AI to find the best solution before being passed to an individual.

Take control over messages

Hector is a turnkey solution that you can configure to your hearts delight!

Automate Monetization

AI helps you locate your most valuable resources and monetize them automatically. Automate page sponsorship campaigns, lead generation, traffic monetization, and sales directly from Hector!

“Hector has streamlined my Facebook Page growth and interactions.”

“With Hector I can monetize my Page on autopilot.”

“My coaching business took off thanks to Hector!”

Pre-Launch Beta Program

Sign up now to join a pre-launch beta group! Our first flight is almost complete but we are looking for a few more qualified partners to help perfect Hector!

Benefits of Going Beta

Lifetime Discount

Your beta pricing will never increase. As a pre-launch beta member your plan will be discounted for as long as you use Hector. Your discount will apply to all add-on packages released in the future as well!

Premium One-on-One Support

Beta members will have my direct contact information for support through the lifetime of Hector. No matter how many people we add to the team you can always talk directly to me. I want Hector to help you out so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Money Back Guarantee

If Hector is not giving you the results you need we will cancel your plan and refund your money. No hassles.

Exclusive Access

Get exclusive sneak-peeks into new features, insights, and a voice in our development roadmap. Beta members will get a copy of the premium plugin with lifetime updates AND access to early whitelabel versions of the plugin.

You have needs, we have options

Name your price to join the pre-launch beta!

Any amount provides you with all the perks of being a pre-launch beta member. Lifetime discounts, licenses, early access to new features, exclusive access to deals, etc…

Pay less than $59 and you’ll receive a lifetime license to the premium plugin.

Pay between $59 and $99 and you’ll receive the above plus a package of premium addon licenses.

Pay more than $99 to receive the above plus multiple lifetime licenses for the plugin and addons.

Pay more than $199 to receive the above plus a free license for the whitelabel software when released.

Pay $500 and become an official Roadmap Partner! Roadmap Partners help decide which AddOns and features are developed next, and can get a custom AddOn developed just for them (and sold as a premium AddOn, granting you credits towards more services). Contact us for more details.

Get Started!

Click this button to pay whatever you want and join the beta!

Who We Are

Software engineer, dreamer, not this clean cut in real life. Developed Hector to help people with TMJ Disorder.

About us

Hector is a turnkey marketing solution designed to put your customers first. 

Our mission

To build businesses by providing the help people need, where they need it, when they need it, and how they need it.