It all began with TMJ

I didn’t set out to write marketing software that kills conversions and blasts engagement. 

I set out to help people with TMJ.

It all started when I met my wife, the first person I’ve known with TMJ Disorder.

I had never been exposed to a chronic pain condition that was so heavily ignored by most of the world.

It’s a weirdly eye-opening experience to suddenly realize how much people can suffer all the time.

You can read all about that story, and more about TMJ, here on TMJ Relief Hunters.

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Helping People First

After I started work on TMJ Relief Hunters it became quickly clear that I was in over my head.

I had set out to provide the world with information about TMJ and how to find relief, but I had not thought about how to reach the world.

So I started researching marketing tactics, practicing social engagement, chasing keyword relevancy, and none of that felt right.

Eventually I found my way through a Facebook Group thread about massage.

I didn’t need to worry about numbers. If I bring real help people will respond and come find me.

Looking at the basic stance of Google on SEO (help people first, that’s relevancy, that will rank you higher in search results) it makes sense to follow a people first strategy from a marketing perspective.

I also took quite a bit of lead from Neil Patel ( if you need to learn about marketing), who advocates almost exactly that same paradigm. Help people first and the numbers will follow.

marketing software solutions

Helping Others by Helping Ourselves

I have spent countless hours online researching the most reliable information I can find on TMJ and relief techniques, but it wasn’t enough.

For every massage and stretch we learned there was another muscle group that acted up.

I began writing more and more on massage, but I needed a bigger audience and a way to share the information on autopilot. 

People were asking me about techniques and tips nearly constantly and it felt amazing to help them, but I can’t help everyone.

I needed a set of tools that would let me store that information for retrieval more easily than blog posts. 

At the same time my wife suddenly exclaimed that she wished her PT could video chat with us briefly to help with an exercise she had forgotten.

And I knew the two problems were really one problem.

I needed marketing software to connect with more people, and providers also need marketing software to connect with more people.

More than that: this isn’t just about physical therapy and massage.

This is turnkey marketing software with a paid video chat feature which is perfect for marketers, personal trainers, and even lifestyle bloggers.

marketing software solutions
Actual footage of my wife having the idea (not pictured: actual footage)

Hector was Born

Hector was born as the set of marketing software solutions I had already written for myself. 

Not having the budget to invest in expensive marketing software and plugins I replicated the best functionality in my own software.

I then used and tested the software on TMJ Relief Hunters to help me understand their impact on traffic, conversions, and actual help provided.

This software is everything any website operator needs to get started, get listed in search engines, and grow their audience organically.

I also mixed in a chatbot which lets people tell your bot what’s wrong and it will find them articles, videos, images, and even people they can talk to about their problem.

Hector the HelperBot will also schedule appointments, set up video chats, take payments and sell goods (digital and physical), and be a genuine Helper to your readers.

Behind the scenes is a unique AI and Machine Learning system to track your statistics and build better (and more personalized) recommendations from them.

The standard features of similar plugins and software are all there too, don’t worry.

I just wanted to highlight these because they came from a place of “this was explicitly developed to help someone else” and not just “feature parity.”

Get Started!

Until we launch the open beta you can choose your own price to get started!

This is a full service marketing software plugin for WordPress. It replaces thousands of dollars worth of other premium plugins, and you can get it for any price you want today.