What is Hector?

Hector is a software suite designed to help you grow your online business by focusing on your customers. 

Hector tools are designed to help your customers reach the help they need, when they need it.

By focusing on the customer and providing true value to them Hector aims to answer questions for you like “where are they in the purchasing cycle?” and “how can I increase my conversion rates with these customers?”

No More Funnel-Focus

Based on the work of marketing experts like Neil Patel (go read his blog now if you want to grow your business) we have reimagined the concept of a marketing funnel. 

Instead of focusing on your content as if customers were cattle to be herded through a barn (content funnel) we imagine that your content is more like a rock opera:

Carefully orchestrated and arranged content to help provide specific answers to the questions your readers are having. Each piece ties into the next naturally and smoothly causing your reader to ask you to be led further into the process.

Focusing on the funnel causes you to shoehorn readers into intents they never had, putting them off.

Hector helps bring readers to the content most relevant to their needs, telling you all you need to know about where they are in their purchasing cycle.

Hector then helps you nurture that lead as they experience your content opera, adding timely updates and reminders to recapture any fading interest in your products and services.

Hector Features and Tools

Hector is a collection of plugins and tools for website owners. The base plugin adds basic important marketing functionality to your site (google analytics, webmaster tools, etc…) and includes Hector the HelperBot (our chatbot plugin for FB).

Add-Ons will provide premium functionality to Hector and Hector tools.

Organic Discovery

Out of the box Hector can help you get your site indexed by Google. Hector gives you a convenient way to add Google Analytics to your site and connects with Google Webmaster Tools. Add-Ons provide more integrations with AdWords and AdSense!

Data Insights

Hector uses AI and Machine Learning to understand your customers transparently. You’ll have direct access to the reports and data used by Hector to provide the best resources for each customer. Hector’s unique AI will help you identify ways to restructure your content for maximum conversions!

Automated Outreach

When you post or curate new content and resources and make them available to Hector it will automatically reach out to chat users that might want to see it. The messaging and outreach rules are configurable out of the box, with many options available as Add-Ons.

Lead Development

Hector provides a basic CRM with Add-Ons for integrating with Salesforce and other CRM software. Add-Ons also provide a fully-functional CRM experience from your website backend!


Hector options are fully configurable, including its chat nodes. Customize your messaging, branding, and even add new chat flows for Hector the HelperBot with Add-Ons! Hector’s AI will still help you watch and identify where changes need to be made!

Content Analytics

Find out which content captivates your readers by running a content analytics campaign. Hector combines data from its available Add-Ons with a unique AI to help you locate leaks on your pages, and automatically uses the data to improve its targeting.

Intent Analysis

Out of the box Hector will use AI to start learning your customers intentions. Add-Ons help train Hector to understand new intentions every day. Hector automatically uses this data to bring your users to the content most likely to help them.

Automated List Growth

Hector watches activity on your social pages to help build outreach lists and contact potential customers. Additionally: Hector isn’t shy about asking your users to share your social pages and websites with people they know who need help.

Invaluable Feedback

Hector the HelperBot and its Add-Ons provide the full range of chatbot features to each of the major chat networks. Run surveys, capture lead information, schedule appointments, take payments, and more!

More + Add-Ons

Hector is a full service marketing suite with new features being added to the roadmap daily. To get a hand in the roadmap you can sign up for our pre-launch beta here

No Competition, Just Customers

We take our paradigm very seriously. 

There isn’t a marketing solution, chatbot, or other piece of software out there that we see as a competitor. 

Not because we are better than them but because it’s not about us and them.

This is about you and your customers.

Want us to build an integration with ManyChat? Sure!

Tell us all about how HubSpot provides you with all the premium tools you need, we’d love to listen!

The only thing we care about is that you (as our customer) find the help you need, and your customers find the help they need.


Tell Us What You Need!

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